Genre: Black comedy

Language and Location: Georgia - Tbilisi

Format: Arri Alexa

Stage: Late Development

Duration: 110 m


Shooting starts: Summer 2019



Writer / Director: Rusudan Chkonia

Producer: Vladimer Katcharava & Rusudan Chkonia:

Art director: Teo Baramidze



Desperate and tired owners of apartments in an unfinished residential house "VENICE" after seven years of stagnation, finally get a chance to finish the building, but in order to finish the building, they have to force one them cede his apartment. 


Markets & Workshops & Awards

2017 Priduction grant at GNFC - Georgian National Film Center

2016 Nipkow Residency

2015 Fabrique du cinema du monde

2015 APM Pusan Film Festival

2015 COCO connecting Cottbus - won prize

2015 Nantes festival du 3 continents - Produire au sud

2015 Film Trip -Romania

2015 Script East

2014 Script development grant  at GNFC- Georgian National Film Center

2014 Moulan D'ande scriptwriting residency