In prehistoric, primitive time a tribe is still crooked, but. Him is the one who stands up and sees the world with different angle. Even though, it is fatal to be so deviant from others, feeling such freedom makes impossible to stop.


Based on a Georgian bestseller novel "IGI" by Jemal Karchkhadze

Director, writer, designer: Natia Nikolashvili

Nationality: Georgian

Genre: Drama

Format: 2d

Length: 70 min


Director's statement

This story may seem distanant and old, but for me it is much more relevant fo nowadays than any modern story. As deeper I go in this subject as more I am assured that nothing really changed, still, we worry about food, clothes and a house to live, in case we are rich just eating better food, buying much more clothes and living in a bigger house. As a human we didn't really evolved, our needs seem really the same and still when there is someone who stands up, discovers the world with the different angle, opening a different way of being human, it seems just as easy to throw him in the dust or kill, as than.


There is a huge amount of information, discoveries and places when we talk about prehistoric time, I could only touch a little bit of it, but what I understand, is that no one really knows exactly how did everything looked like, which gives a plenty room for imagination. What I know for sure is that nothing must be the same as today, it's a big challenge to create environment weird and believable. 


Natia Nikolashvili