Nene(25)is a successful filmmaker. She has fiancé Tedo(27) and big family. In front of the Nene’s house Unknown man stopped her brother and unjustly beat him.he as well beat the man.Nene went outside with Tedo and her family .Suddenly the Police cars arrive Tedo, Nene’s brother and two cousins are taken to the police station.There it becomes clear that he has quarreled with the policeman dressed in civilian clothes. Due to some revenge or exemplary punishment the policemen gave false testimonies and instead of paying the fines the guys were sentenced under sever articles to imprisonment from 9 to 13 years. Nene starts fighting for the justice to prove the truth but she encounters with the system,in which everything is tied to one another like a chain and despite of the obvious violation of law enforcement officers she can’t any way to help her family members despite all of this she din give up and continues fight for justice.