Director: Mariam (Bakacho) Khatchvani


Screenplay: Mariam (Bakacho) Khatchvani, Vladimer Katcharava

Producer: Vladimer Katcharava

Nationality: Georgian

Genre: Drama

Length: 100 min


Shooting location: Georgia

Shooting starts: Winter 2023


Length: 100 min



Markets & Workshops & Awards

2017 - Arras Days

2017 - MPA Development at Asian Pacific Screen Awards

2018 - Cindefondation - Cannes

2018 - Cinemed Pitching Sessions





Nene(25)is a successful filmmaker. She has a fiancé Tedo (30) and a big family. A stranger stops her brother and injustly beats him in front of Nene's house. Nene goes outside with Tedo and her family. Suddenly, police cars arrive and Tedo, Nene's brother and two cousins are taken to the police station. There it becomes clear that he has quarreled with the policeman dressed in civilian clothes. Due to revenge or punishment to make an example, the policemen falsify their account of the incident and instead of paying fines, the guys are sentenced to 9-13 years in jail. Nene starts her fight for justice to get the truth out. But she encounters a system, in which everything is linked like a chain and despite the obvious violation by law enforcement officers she can't find a way to help her family members. Despite all of this, she doesn't give up and continues to fight for justice.  &