Wedding On My Street

ქორწილი ჩემს ქუჩაზე

Director: Shota Gamisonia

Producers: Vladimer Chikhradze, Vladimer Katcharava

Production company: 20 Steps Productions

State of the project: In development


Genre: Drama 

Length: 100 min


Shooting starts: 2021



This story is about two neighbours from Ochamchire, Georgian Merab and Abkhazian Valo. Merab, a refugee from Abkhazia (60 years). He lives with his son in one of the European cities and works as a cook together with other emigres in an old restaurant. Merab prepares the best meat dishes in the whole city. Residents specially come to the restaurant to try his company "lyulya-kebab".

Merab often dreams about the house, the hometown of Ochamchire, the street on which he grew up. Dreams of the best childhood friend and neighbour Valo Kazanba, with whom they stole lemonade at weddings and dreamed that in their street there will be the most fun wedding in the city.


Merkets & Workshops & Awards

Black Night Film Festival co-production market: Promising Producer Award