20 Steps Underground

20 საფეხური მიწის ქვეშ
Feature Film Project

Native Title (romanized):  20 საფეხურით მიწის ქვეშ (20 safekhurit mitsis kvesh)

Original Language: Georgian (with english subtitles)

Genre: Drama, Film Noir

Budget: 400 000 Euro

Stage: Script and Project Development (III Draft )

Release Date: January 2014

Duration: 90 min


Director: Beso Solomanashvili

Screenplay: Beso SolomanashviliIrakli solomanashvili

D.o.p. : Constantine Mindia Esadze

Producer: Vladimer Katcharava


Project was developed in EEFA 2010 and in EAVE 2011


Looking forward European Co-producer & Sales Agent