ერთი საათი (erti saati) - Short Film

The funny story of a young, innocent employee of Dito (25 years old), who unwittingly joins the scam of his classmate and catches big trouble in the "Hour". 

The story of "An Hour" reminds us of the electoral campaign when someone offers you a free "burger" and you instead find yourself involved in his race...


Producer: Vladimer Katcharava

Director:  George Tavartkiladze

Screenplay: George Tavartkiladze,

                   Vladimer Katcharava

Cast:  Vakho Chachanidze, Nodar Nozadze,

          Misha Gomiashvili , Eka Mjavanadze, 

          Gigi Dedalamazishvili, Mamuka Esadze.

D.o.p.: Koba Shvelidze

Editing: George Tavartkiladze

Art Director adn Costume Disigner: Lomera Akhvlediani
Music Score: Otar Ramishvili (  )
Sound: Ivane Gvaradze/ Beso Kacharava

1AD/Production Manager: Salome Jugeli

Genre: Comedy
Stage: Finished
Duration: 10min