Director: George Sikharulidze

Dop: Oleg Mutu

Screenplay: George Sikharulidze

Nationality: Georgian

Genre: Drama

Format: Arri Alexa

Length: 100 min

Shooting location: Georgia


Shooting starts: Summer 2022



In 2018, well after the dissolution of the Soviet atheism, Georgia is the country of growing Orthodox Christianity. Rooted in this fundamentalism are the emerging fascist organizations, which perpetuate conservative values on nationalism, religion and sexuality. One such battle is against sex clubs and brothels run by Muslim immigrants that offer a solution for Georgian youth in a country where premarital is a religious taboo for girls, but a cultural mandate for boys. A 16 year-old Sandro is at a cformative moment in his life when his single father abandons him to become a monk. Vulnerable and susceptible to ideological influences, Sandro's mind and body are pulled from all directions - he must navigate between his search for a father figure which results in a growing devotion to God, the influence of the Fascist organizations on young. 


Markets & Workshops & Awards

2020 - Torino Film Lab

2019 - Torino Script Lab

2018-2019 - Cinefondation-Cannes

2018 - Cinemed Pitching sessions

2017 - awarded  at Arras Days